An organization of the descendants of Anson Bowen Call, 1863–1958

1896 Anson Bowen on mission to England
1896 Anson Bowen on mission to England
Robert David Call presents the narrative of Anson Bowen Call being arrested and threatened with a firing squad. Shown at the Anson Bowen Call family reunion on March 12, 2023.
Presentation by Francis Alder on Bishop Anson Bowen Call’s inspired advice in the face of Pancho Villa’s imminent attack, March 13, 1916.
Presentation by Francis Alder on Anson Bowen Call’s mission to England, 1895 – 1897

Our Mission

We are the living legacy of our grandfather Anson Bowen Call. We are the legacy of those four incredible women who loved him, who bore him children, who made sacrifices and suffered hardships—the women who celebrated all the blessings of love & life that abundance and family had to offer. We represent them. 

We invite descendants to come and be a part of the remarkable heritage that we all share together. Henry B. Eyring has said, “History is recorded in words and numbers, but heritage is passed heart to heart.” 

Family Tree

The best place to view Anson Bowen Call’s ancestors and descendants is FamilySearch. This website offers the family tree, memories, records, documents, photos and much more.

Accounts are free and available to anyone. Create an account and link to Anson Bowen Call’s Page.

Family Reunion 2023
The Family Reunion for 2023 was held on Sunday, March 12. If you would like to received …
Anson Bowen Call Timeline
1863 Oct 20           Anson Bowen Call (Bowen) is born to Anson Call and …